This Week at UU Bay de Noc

CROP WALK – Sunday October 4th: Registration at 12:30pm, Walk at 1pm

at the Salvation Army in Escanaba

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Links to CROP Walk Details and a map of routes.

2015 FAST FACTS, Thrivent Action Team.PDF

2015 CROP Walk, Main 3 Mi & 1Mi Routes.PDF

CropWalk - 1 CropWalk - 2


Holocaust - 1 Holocaust - 2

************ 2 - Forum


Sunday Sept. 27 “Living in the Anthropocene” Forum:  Ecological Footprints

Our first forum will be dedicated to assessing the environmental impact of our lifestyles.  To participate, you’ll first need to go to the Ecological Footprint website at:    I have an educator account there, so you can log in using my credentials:
E-mail:  Password: OwsJGrj2


Please complete the assessment in metric units (hectares), and bring your results to the forum on September 27.   I’ve attached an essay and assignment related to ecological footprints that I use in some of my classes.  If you’re interested in learning more about ecological footprints, check them out!   And here’s a youtube video on the concept:


2a – Forum Links.pdf

2b – footprint_essay.pdf

2c – footprint_answers_pdf


3 - Calendar