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A Forum Related Link from Brian Black

Please circulate this link to Bill Moyer’s interview of Wendell Berry, author of last week’s reading The Way of Ignorance.  It ought to be of interest to more than just forum participants.

  Wendell Berry, Poet & Prophet.

“Wendell Berry, a quiet and humble man, has become an outspoken advocate for revolution. He urges immediate action as he mourns how America has turned its back on the land and rejected Jeffersonian principles of respect for the environment and sustainable agriculture. Berry warns, “People who own the world outright for profit will have to be stopped; by influence, by power, by us.”  In a rare television interview, this visionary, author, and farmer discusses a sensible, but no-compromise plan to save the Earth.”

 Note also that the reading for the Dec. 13 forum is available on line here:

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The Way of Ignorance. By Wendell Berry.

This week we continue to explore the potential for scientific solutions to our environmental dilemmas – this time from a skeptic’s perspective. Reading attached.

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From Kathy Creten:

I’m sending a link explaining Guest at Your Table”, the UUA sponsored annual fundraiser. Please send it to our Fellowship members as it will provide a foundation for understanding its purpose. Last spring, Our SAC made the decision to become a part of this outreach program. I will be at next Sunday’s service with materials and follow up information. (click on link below)


November 8th Forum: Email from Brian Black

:  After our discussion at the forum yesterday,  there were questions about the response to the manifesto.  Here are several links that could be posted on the web page, or sent via email if that ever becomes possible again! Thanks!  Brian

Commentary on and responses to An Ecomodernist Manifesto


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NPR Story on Gun Violence and What to Do About it


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