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UU Book Club – “The Man Who Planted Trees” by Jim Robbins

October 25, at Peggy & Gordons, see address below:

Great Video by Jim Robbins:




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NOTEUU  Book Club – There have been a couple quirks:  There are two books of the same exact name, and also the last Newsletter had the book name just a little bit askew. Book Club may meet the last week of September, still working that out.

Book is: “The Man Who Planted Trees”, by Jim Robbins

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UU  Book Club – Meeting & Discussion on this book will be in September or October

Jim Robbins argues that “trees and forests are the highest functioning members of ecological society.” His absorbing, eloquent and loving book, THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES: Lost Groves, Champion Trees, and an Urgent Plan to Save the Planet, chronicles the adventures of a veritable Noah of the tree world, David Milarch, a Michigan nurseryman who, following a near-death experience, began a quest to locate and save genetic material from some of the oldest and healthiest specimens. Thus the Champion Tree Project was born, with a goal of cloning the champion of each of 826 species of trees in the United States. Not since 1997, when Julia Butterfly Hill climbed a 1,500-year-old redwood and lived in it for two years to spare it from loggers, has one person done more to save trees.

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