Position Available: Religious Education Instructor

Position Available: Religious Education Instructor. We are hoping to have RE start back up in the fall, using the summer as a time for preparation. If you are interested in applying or know someone who would be a good fit, please have them contact Kim at bdnuucoordinator@gmail.com.

Religious Education Instructor (REI)
Job Description


Good communication skills with children, including verbal and non-verbal explanation, listening with sensitivity, eliciting cooperation respectfully.

Be familiar with Unitarian Universalist Seven Principles and philosophy.

Possess sound moral character, including honesty, tolerance and respectfulness.

Reliable attendance and performance.

Strong experience working with children preferred.

Be legally eligible and appropriate for employment with children, including absence of legal violations relating to children, sex offenses, or domestic violence.


Prepare lesson plans for each Religious Education class in a manner consistent with the principles of Unitarian Universalism.

Prepare all materials and supplies for the session.

Present lesson to any children over the age of 6 present on every UU Sunday Service (the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month) in a manner that embodies the principles of Unitarian Universalism.

Arrive no later than 10AM for each Sunday Service.

Take attendance during each class on the form provided by the Coordinator. The completed form will be returned to the Coordinator at the end of each service.

Put away and reorganize materials used after class conclusion.

Register each Religious Education student. Provide copy of each registration form to the Coordinator.

Attend orientation or training upon request.

Provide advance notice, as soon as possible, to the Coordinator (first) or President (alternate) of inability to perform duties on a given date. If a planned event falls on a Sunday with RE classes, find a UU member who will substitute for the class on that Sunday. Provide lesson plan and overview of class structure to the substitute.

Communicate concerns when/if they arise to the Coordinator.

Promptly report suspected abuse or neglect of children by caretakers to the Michigan Department of Human Services/Children’s Protective Services (786-5497). Other sources of abuse to children served should be immediately reported to Escanaba Public Safety or the Michigan State Police.


To perform the duties above, the Fellowship will provide:
• Orientation and mentorship
• Curriculum resources
• Materials and supplies required for the session (although the instructor may need to run copies with a supplied copier)
• Registration forms
• All snacks consumed during class


The Religious Education Instructor will provide an accurate timesheet for hours performing duties listed above. The employee time-sheet will be submitted to the Coordinator no later than the 7th day of the following month.

The UU Fellowship will pay the REI within 30 days.

Rate of payment will be $15.00/hour. The REI will be paid 1.5 hours per scheduled Sunday Service, even if no children are present, as long as the REI is present.

Hours paid per month will be limited to 5 hours.

Evaluation and Accountability

The Religious Education Instructor will be evaluated annually by the Coordinator and/or specific members of the Fellowship delegated by the Coordinator or the Board to provide evaluation. If the Coordinator or the Board has serious concerns about REI performance, these will be communicated promptly, not be unduly delayed until the annual review.

The REI is supervised by the Coordinator or other Fellowship Member delegated by the Coordinator or Board to provide supervision. If the coordinator or other delegated supervisor is not available for consultation, the REI may receive direction form the President or Vice-President of the Board.