Upcoming Events

October Events

·  October 27th – Coffee and Discussion, 9:15AM Bonifas Arts Center "Wisdom and Truth"

·  October 27th – Sunday Service, 10:30AM, Bonifas Arts Center, “Service is Our Prayer” presented by Claudia Bradfield and Bruce Hansen

-   October 28th - Monday Night Movie, 7PM, Maraget Carignan (602 S 16th St) - a film about an actual case of imminent domain

November Events

·    November 1st—First Friday Dinner, 6:30PM Larry Godfreyand Mary Penet’s House (7394 S Lake Bluff 0.5 Dr, Gladstone)

·    November 10th—Coffee and Discussion, 9:15AM Bonifas Arts Center

·    November 10th—Sunday Service, 10:30AM, Bonifas Arts Center “Remembrance Service” presented by John Gagnon

·    November 16th—Salvation Army Luncheon, Volunteers needed

·    November 24th—Coffee and Discussion, 9:15AM Bonifas Art Center

·    November 24th—Sunday Services, 10:30AM Bonifas Arts Center “Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Appreciation” presented by Brian Morski