Forum Links Feb thru May 8

UU Forum Topics February 14 through May 8

(Brian Black)

All forums are from 9AM to 10AM in the upper gallery.  

1.      Sunday Feb. 14 Introduction to Insight Meditation with Gene Schluter.

2.      Sunday Feb. 28 Can Religion Save us?   Birth of the Moralizing Gods.  Lizzie Wade. Science.  August 28, 2015.


3.      Sunday Mar. 13 The Tragedy of the Commons.  Garrett Hardin. See also “Sustainability and the Commons”.

4.      Sunday Mar. 27  Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic Essay. The essay:  Fact Sheet:

5.      Sunday Apr.  10 Can Economic Growth pave the way to sustainability?  Position Statement on Economic Growth. Ecological Society of America.

6.      Sunday Apr. 24 Enough is Enough: Ideas for a sustainable economy in a world of finite resources.   Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy.

7.      Sunday May 8 “Coyote Asks: Why Do People consume So Much?” by Webster Kitchell

A little google work led me to this title for the reading by Webster Kitchell:  “Coyote Wants to Know Why Humans Got All That Stuff” It is from the book: Coyote Says: More Conversations with God’s Dog

It might be accessible via google books here: